Fishing Press Releases

Press Releases distributed about fishing rights.

Press Releases

Regional Towns to face financial hit with snapper ban 9/8/19.

Whetstone must close snapper fishery immediately 28/6/19.

The MRFAC voting process is a sham 7/3/19.

Snapper stocks crash in Spencer Gulf 26/11/18.

Recreational groups angry at the Liberal government breaking its promise.

Recreational groups applaud election of Liberal government.

RecfishCENTRAL applauds demise of RFSA.

Inquiry sought after Ardrossan Fish Dump.

The $1.82b value by Recreational Fishing.

Call on Geoff Brock to Stand-Up

RecfishCENTRAL calling on Pirsa to stop netting at Price

Government has lost the plot on cuts.

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