Fishing Reports

Documents and reports on fishing research and plans


Sardi assessment of SA Marine Scale Fishery 2018

Sardi and FRDC snapper eggs report 2018

RecfishSA Funding agreement with Pirsa Sept 2017

Vic RFL Trust report to parliament 2017

MFA Review of the MSF in SA 2018

Recreational Fishery Management Plan 2017

Pirsa’s Seafood Scorecard 2013-14

The Econsearch 2017 report on Blue Swimmer Crabs.

The 2017 Blue Crab Fishery Report for SA

The 2017 Case Study of the MSF in SA.

The 2016 Garfish Assessment Report

The 2016 Snapper stock report

The report by Jim Raptis to the NR Select Committee 2016

The Management Plan by Sardi For SA Prawns 2016

King George Whiting Options Management paper 2016

The Draft Management Plan for Recreational Fishing 2016

The Review of Recreational Boat, Bag Limits 2016

The 2015 Financial Report of SA Commercial fisheries

The Recreational fishing review 2015

The 2015 Marine Scale Fishery Report

South Australian sardine stock assessment report 2015

South Australian Recreational Fishing Survey 2013-14

Management Plan for the SA sardine fishery 2014

The financial report into the SA sardine fishery 2014

Royal Surf Lifesaving Report 2016

The contract of RFSA to sell the Marine Parks plan in 2014

WA research into fish survival 2009

Value of Recreational fishing in NZ 1999.

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