Fishing Research

All Documents and reports on fishing research and plans


The Chairman's Report 2nd meeting of MSF Reform 2019

The 2017 Blue Crab fishery management Draft plan

The SA Govt response to the Productivity Commission, 2016

Federal Government response to Productivity Commission 2017

Australia's Seafood Trade, what's it worth? 2015

The Productivity Commission Report into Aquaculture 2016

Pirsa's Harvest strategy guidelines 2015

Pirsa's cost recovery program 2016 for marine scale fishery

Commercial Fishers Income Report 2014

Australia's Aquaculture statistics 2014

The Stock Assessment Report for Finfish 2014

The final report on the Blue Crab financial status 2014

The 2013 NSW Economic Report into recreational fishing.

The South Australian Recreational Economic Financial Survey 1997

RFSA evidence to NR Select Committee 2014

The Values of Recreational Fishing - RecfishWEST

The Assessment report into the SA Snapper fishery 2013

The Blue Crab fishery management plan 2012

The Stock Assessment Report on Garfish 2012

The status Report into fish stocks 2012

KG Whiting Research into spawning habits

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