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on recreational fishing in South australia and the impacts of politics and Pirsa.

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Whetstone Angst

Could the Snapper crisis in South Australia be a snow job on the recreational fishing community?

Marshall Crab Con

Premier Steven Marshall is party to a massive con on the south australian public over the allocation of Blue Swimmer Crabs to the pro crabbers.

Tim Whetstone Sham

Tim Whetstone is facing a backlash from recreational fishers in SA over the sham being run to elect community members to his Recreational Fishing Advisory Council.

MRFAC Darkness

South Australian Fisheries Minister Tim Whetstone has set out on a road of darkness. His MRFAC election process has been slammed as un-democratic and serving less than 1% of recreational fishers.

No Fish For You

Wake up South Australia your fish is going interstate.

RFSA Doomsayers

RecfishSA's doomed strategy for survival .


About RecfishCENTRAL

RecfishCENTRAL was formed in February 2016 to fight changes to the Recreational bag, boat and size limits by South Australia's PIRSA fisheries. We have since grown to over 2,000 members to represent recreational fishers, small business and the tourism industry.

We are tired of PIRSA making decisions using poor science and rubbery data to appease the commercial fishing industry in this state.

We've had enough fighting through so called consultative processes and targeted key government marginal seats during the last state election in 2018 which elected a new government. This new Lib govt has broken its promises to the recreational community so we'll ensure they're a one term government.

Enjoy this site and send us an email if you want to get on board. Membership is free and all queries are veted to ensure there's no infiltration by commercial or government interests.

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