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RecfishSA Epic Fail

The Epic Failure of RecfishSA to represent the 300 thousand recreational anglers in South Australia will live in infamy.

Powder Puff

Jay weatherill the premier of south australia must reconnect with the government departments that are running amok behind his back.

Stuff up

Jay Weatherill's south australian government can't just take a trick of late. They're promoting the Feasting Australia event during a time when fishing for king george whiting is banned.

Rec Snapper

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill could make a financial killing for his state by simply declaring Snapper a recreational angling fish only. That simple.

Pirsa Lawless

Pirsa is allowing commercial fishermen to go scott free even when they openly break the law by using unlicensed boats.

Killing Snapper

Jay Weatherill must step in and ban commercial long lining for snapper in order to save the iconic south australian specie.


About RecfishCENTRAL

RecfishCENTRAL was formed in February 2016 to fight changes to the Recreational bag, boat and size limits by South Australia's PIRSA fisheries. We have since grown to over 2,000 members to represent recreational fishers, small business and the tourism and charter industries.

We are tired of PIRSA making decisions using poor science and rubbery data to appease the commercial fishing industry in this state.

We've had enough fighting through so called consultative processess and targeted key government marginal seats leading up to the last state election in 2018. We changed a government. The new Lib Govt has broken its promises to recreational fishers so we'll ensure they're a one term govt.

Enjoy this site and send us an email if you want to get on board. Membership is free and all queries are veted to ensure there's no infiltration by commercial or government interests.

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